OLN 600 OP

Surface mounted luminaire. Body is made of steel and painted standard white. Opal diffuser.
Index Weight Driver Lamp Socket
0000-002657.218E 3,20 kg EVG 2x18W T8 G13
0000-002657.236E 6,00 kg EVG 2x36W T8 G13
0000-002657.418E 5,60 kg EVG 4x18W T8 G13
0000-002657.218V 3,20 kg VVG 2x18W T8 G13
0000-002657.236V 6,00 kg VVG 2x36W T8 G13
0000-002657.418V 5,60 kg VVG 4x18W T8 G13
Index 0000-002657.218E
Weight 3,20 kg
Driver EVG
Lamp 2x18W T8
Socket G13