The Company’s innovativeness can be seen in all of its activities: starting from the creation of trends, adaptation to the present-day fashion, to dynamic changes in technological and production processes.

It is the Company’s policy to create a lighting fitting from the project to the finished product, and for this reason the Company possesses its own construction and development department. Imperial also cooperates with scientific institutions from many universities both at home and abroad. At the same time, the Company produces fittings according to the customer’s individual ideas: it follows the ideology saying that if in your imagination there is a vision of a fitting, come, and we will make it come true.




We are able to design and produce new products according to our customers individual request. Our construction department can prepare construction drawings, 3D visuallisations and samples for approval before ordering.   






In our photometric laboratory, we control all the parameters of fittings, while creating detailed lighting characteristics for them. We can conduct these tests for any type of fittings. You can download the latest ldt. file package in Download section. If you can't find the lighting data you need please contact us and we will send it to you as soon as possible. You can also order lighting curve measurement of your own luminaire.  


Highly qualified personnel watch over the whole of the technological process. Their skills are constantly improved so that the Company could meet further expectations on the part of its Customers.