DLK 170

Square recessed IP44 luminaire for compact fluorescent lamp. Body is made of steel and aluminium. All RAL colours are available.
Index Weight Driver Lamp Socket
549.170.113V 1,75 kg VVG 1x13W TC-D G24d-1
549.170.113E 1,60 kg EVG 1x13W TC-DEL G24q-1
549.170.118V 1,75 kg VVG 1x18W TC-D G24d-2
549.170.118E 1,60 kg EVG 1x18W TC-DEL G24q-2
549.170.126V 1,75 kg VVG 1x26W TC-D G24d-3
549.170.126E 1,60 kg EVG 1x26W TC-DEL G24q-3
549.170.213V 1,90 kg VVG 2x13W TC-D G24d-1
549.170.213E 1,70 kg EVG 2x13W TC-DEL G24q-1
549.170.218V 1,90 kg VVG 2x18W TC-D G24d-2
549.170.218E 1,70 kg EVG 2x18W TC-DEL G24q-2
Index 549.170.113V
Weight 1,75 kg
Driver VVG
Lamp 1x13W TC-D
Socket G24d-1