Luminaire designed for T5 lamp with acrylic diffuser. Body is made of aluminium profile PROFI 58. Standard colours: structure gray, white or anodized aluminium – all other colours on request. This luminaire can be mounted directly to the ceiling, pendent on steel wires or stiff pipes. This luminaire can be connected in long lighting lines. We can prepare it in different lenghts and shapes on request. Suspension sets should be ordered separately.
Index Weight Driver Lamp Socket
405.114E 1,10 kg EVG 1x14W T5 G-5
405.114ED 1,10 kg EVG,DIM 1x14W T5 G-5
405.124E 1,10 kg EVG 1x24W T5 G-5
405.124ED 1,10 kg EVG,DIM 1x24W T5 G-5
405.121E 1,45 kg EVG 1x21W T5 G-5
405.121ED 1,45 kg EVG,DIM 1x21W T5 G-5
405.139E 1,45 kg EVG 1x39W T5 G-5
405.139ED 1,45 kg EVG,DIM 1x39W T5 G-5
405.128E 1,80 kg EVG 1x28W T5 G-5
405.128ED 1,80 kg EVG,DIM 1x28W T5 G-5
405.154E 1,80 kg EVG 1x54W T5 G-5
405.154ED 1,80 kg EVG,DIM 1x54W T5 G-5
405.135E 2,15 kg EVG 1x35W T5 G-5
405.135ED 2,15 kg EVG,DIM 1x35W T5 G-5
405.149E 2,15 kg EVG 1x49W T5 G-5
405.149ED 2,15 kg EVG,DIM 1x49W T5 G-5
405.180E 2,15 kg EVG 1x80W T5 G-5
405.180ED 2,15 kg EVG,DIM 1x80W T5 G-5
Index 405.114E
Weight 1,10 kg
Driver EVG
Lamp 1x14W T5
Socket G-5