One-sided emergency and evacuation lighting fittings with the protection level IP65, made of polycarbonate (PC). They are designed to lighten exits and to indicate evacuation routes in public buildings. During emergency operation, operate with reduced luminous flux.
Index Weight Driver Lamp Socket
0000-003563.118E/1H kg EVG 1x18W T8, 1H emergency G13
0000-003563.136E/1H kg EVG 1x36W T8, 1H emergency G13
0000-003563.158E/1H kg EVG 1x58W T8, 1H emergency G13
0000-003563.118E/3H kg EVG 1x18W T8, 3H emergency G13
0000-003563.136E/3H kg EVG 1x36W T8, 3H emergency G13
0000-003563.158E/3H kg EVG 1x58W T8, 3H emergency G13
Index 0000-003563.118E/1H
Weight kg
Driver EVG
Lamp 1x18W T8, 1H emergency
Socket G13