HeXA - an indirect type of air purifier with 5 step air treatment, adjustable fan speed, low noise, compact design and high CADR.

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Power: 220-240V 50/60Hz
UVC source: 2x PL-L 60 W
Mass: 13,90 kg
Radiators replacement: once a year
Protective foil for radiator: n/a
Mounting: wall, ceiling, free-standing or tripod
Radiator: Two Philips radiator (253,7nm)
Filters: Dust, carbon, Protect+ and on request - TiO2
Applications: Air disinfection and prevention of secondary infections. Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold
General data: Its compact design fits for multiple purposes: offices, schools, shops,petrol stations, residential, hospitality and many more. High dosage of UV-C and advanced filters provides maximum germicidal effect.
Accessories: Mounting arm, stand, stand on wheels. Remote control, mobile control and connectivity.
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