UV Disinfection Systems

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UV Disinfection Systems
Germicidal properties of ultraviolet radiation are proven and widely used in a variety of applications. Thank to our deep understanding of the complex air-purification factors, the Anti-viral solutions from Imperial create almost completely (99,995%) virus-free indoor air and surface. Our comprehensive portfolio of UV-C disinfection units offers the next generation of innovation that improves the quality of life. To achieve the best performance from disinfection solutions, we also optimize the delicate balance between UVC power, airflow capacity, and noise level. The combination of UVC radiation and advanced air filters makes our products superior to the market. Safety is the most important for us, and therefore all airflow units are tested in detail to ensure the highest quality and no radiation leak. Our Direct solutions are equipped with sophisticated sensors to ensure user safety.

“Light is like a diamond. It requires a perfect fitting.”


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