Recessed luminaires

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Recessed luminaires

A downlight is a light fixture that shines downwards to illuminate the area below. They are usually recessed into the ceiling, so only a small part of the mount is visible from the ceiling. Downlights are popular lighting fixtures, ideal for many applications both in public spaces and at home. They work well as complementary and task lighting, while perfectly blending in with other types of lighting. LED downlights are available with different beam angles (narrow, medium or wide). On this page we offer round recessed luminaires for indoor applications. LED recessed luminaires can come in two types of fittings (with a visible or invisible frame - trim / trimless), depending on the model. The Imperial offer also includes downlights with the possibility of light direction adjusting. There is also a possibility to create a brand new project of a recessed luminaire according to the customer's individual ideas.

“Light is like a diamond. It requires a perfect fitting.”


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