One of the leading European manufacturers of lighting fittings for various applications.

We produce fittings for use within all kinds of public spaces such as offices, banks, shops, shopping centres, etc., and outdoor fittings designed to illuminate buildings, car-parks, petrol stations and parks.

With the skilful combination of modern design, functionality and excellent lighting parameters we are able to compete with the biggest world leaders in the field of lighting.

Imperial produces fittings under its own brand name, which can be found in the Company’s catalogues. It also carries out production for many global producers under their brand names. We work with several university research centers in the country and abroad.

At the same time, we produce lighting fixtures according to the customer’s individual ideas: it follows the ideology saying that if in your imagination there is a vision of a fitting, come and we will make it come true. The excellent, professional, highly qualified staff ensures that Imperial products are of the highest quality, in line with current trends, safe and unique in style.




The company started its production in 1993 with
thirty employees. Today, it has personnel of over three hundred and is still dynamically developing.

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The company works in the ISO 9001 quality system and has received numerous prestigious awards. All of the types of lighting fittings manufactured by Imperial meet the European standards and possess proper certificates.



Imperial can boast of exceptionally modern machinery. Most of it is CNC controlled.

Equipment such as a spinning machine enables us to obtain aluminum reflectors and structural elements of any shape. Numerical punching and folding machines allow us to produce the structural components of all kinds of fittings of steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheets.

Among our machinery we also have numerical lathes and milling machines and a water laser which give us great flexibility in designing new products.

The lamp mirrors with the highest quality and efficiency of the reflectors are provided by the technological line for vacuum metalisation, while the powder painting technology allows us to propose to our customers a full spectrum of colours of the fittings in our product range.


The Company’s innovativeness can be seen in all of its activities: starting from the creation of trends, adaptation to the present-day fashion, to dynamic changes in technological and production processes.

It is the Company’s policy to create a lighting fitting from the project to the finished product, and for this reason Imperial possesses its own construction department and photometric laboratory. Our products are under constant control: both external and internal. This means that every single fitting is tested in terms of both quality and safety.

All the elements of our fittings are produced on the Company’s premises, apart from electric and electronic components, which are ordered from the most renowned producers, such as Signify (Philips), OSRAM, TRIDONIC, Vossloch Schwabe, Helvar or BJB.

We are able to design and produce new products according to our customers individual request. Our construction department can prepare construction drawings, 3D visuallisations and samples for approval before ordering.

In our photometric laboratory, we control all the parameters of fittings, while creating detailed lighting characteristics for them. We can conduct these tests for any type of fittings. You can download the latest ldt. file package in Download section. If you can't find the lighting data you need please contact us and we will send it to you as soon as possible. You can also order lighting curve measurement of your own luminaire.

Highly qualified personnel watch over the whole of the technological process. Their skills are constantly improved so that the Company could meet further expectations on the part of its Customers.


- 2013 -
Ambasador Polskiej
- 2012 -
Złoty denar
- 2005 -
Gazele Biznesu
- 2014 -
European Medal
DT-Spot lamp
- 2014 -
European Medal
Naświetlacz DT-SPOT
- 2012 -
European Medal
Naświetlacze LED
- 2010 -
European Medal
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“Light is like a diamond. It requires a perfect fitting.”


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