DLN V 185

Surface mounted downlight for compact fluorescent lamp. Lamp in vertical mode. Body is made of aluminium (standard white – available in any RAL colour on request) Reflector is made of aluminium 99,98% polished.

Technical extras upon request:

  1. Emergency supply - battery pack 1h. Please add EM1 after index number.
  2. Compensation or passive power (capacitor). Please add COMPENSATION after index number.
  3. Dimmable ballast EVG DIM (1 - 10 V). Please add EVG DIM after index number.
  4. Digital dimmable ballast (DALI). Please add DALI after index number.
Index Weight Driver Lamp Socket
28.185.113V 1,10 kg VVG 1x13W TC-D G24d - 1
28.185.113E 0,95 kg EVG 1x13W TC-DEL G24q - 1
28.185.118V 1,10 kg VVG 1x18W TC-D G24d - 2
28.185.118E 0,95 kg EVG 1x18W TC-DEL G24q - 2
28.185.126V 1,10 kg VVG 1x26W TC-D G24d - 3
28.185.126E 0,95 kg EVG 1x26W TC-DEL G24q - 3
Index 28.185.113V
Weight 1,10 kg
Driver VVG
Lamp 1x13W TC-D
Socket G24d - 1